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Wedding &Event Pricing 

Although it is difficult to give an exact pricing for an event without having much detail, here I will briefly go over a estimate price, but please be aware that pricing is subject to change per each unique situation.

String Quartet

Consisting of a total of four musicians, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, and Cello. This is great for larger events and has great musical diversity.

Estimate Hourly Price: $1,200

The Trio consists of a violinist, viola, and cello. Or another variety is violin, cello, and piano, but overall there is three musicians.

String Trio

Estimate Hourly Price: $850

String Duet

A string duet is usually made up of a violin and cello, but other options are violin and piano, violin and harp, or cello with piano or harp. This makes for a beautiful combination and works for large or small events!

Estimate Hourly Price: $550

Solo Instrument

This option can really be anything you want! Just a violin, or a piano, cello, harp, etc.

Estimate Hourly Price: $350

Also if your event is outside of the Jacksonville, Duval county region there is a possibility that there will be an additional small travel fee depending on the distance.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that all prices are subject to change and are not final. Each event is so unique so please contact us for exact pricing!

Studio Lesson Pricing

Violin 60 min Lesson


Violin 45 min Lesson


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