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Private Studio Lessons

•Lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis

•The recommended time is a 1 hour lesson, but I can accommodate other time frames.

•Lessons are usually held at my music studio, but accommodations can be made.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe each student is so unique with different abilities strengths and weakness and requires a unique teaching approach. With each student I strive to figure out what teaching method suit them best and cater to their needs on an individual level. Students will be taught the fundamental such as scales and etudes, as well as the importance of practicing them on a daily basis to see the most growth. Not only will the focus be on techniqu but also sound quality, intonation, rhythm, and personal musicianship. I strongly believe that music related to so much more than just playing an instrument well, but involves a deeper meaning and connection to the music and how each student can express themselves and how playing the violin can impact their life.

There also lies a huge importance in outside performance and I believe in giving a student who is showing efforts an ability to perform in order to grow in confidence as a soloist.

Lastly, not only must the student learn to accept compliments and praise but constructive criticism, show a desire to learn, and come prepared to each lesson in order to see progress and growth. Its a team effort between the teacher, student, and parent!

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