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Wedding Music

We are here to bring your special day to the next level

There is nothing more magical than having live music playing at your big day! Whether it be a large wedding (200-350 guests) or a small wedding (50-150 guests), or even a very intimate elopement we have the perfect option for you!

Small ensemble:

~Solo violin

~Cello and violin duet

~Piano and violin duet

~Harp and violin

Larger Ensemble:

~String trio(violin,viola,cello)

~String quartet(violin,violin,viola,cello)

IMG_0015 (1).jpg
IMG_2356 (1).PNG

Other Events

Weddings aren't the only events in need of a live string group. If its a conference, a grand opening, a large party, or even a funeral we are able to accommodate to your need.

Planning an event can be very overwhelming, so feel free to contact me via email or give me a call to discuss what options would work best for you!

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