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Violinist Musician
Viktoriya Sushinskiy

Hi there! 

I began playing violin at age 9 and studied with Yakov Kulashevsky, a Russian\Jewish violinist who came from Europe and studied there as well. Through middle and high school I went through Lavilla and Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and was exposed to many years of orchestral playing as well as small ensembles. In high school I also picked up playing viola and learned the ins and out of the instrument. After high school I was accepted into Jacksonville University with a full scholarship and there I studied under Dr. Marguerite Richardson and graduated with a Bachelors in Music Performance on the violin. I also  studied with a principle violinist from the Jacksonville Symphony. Now post college I focus on teaching other students how to play the violin in my own private studio, as well as playing music for weddings, churches, and different kind of events.

Wedding musician
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